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 How long does it take?

Counselling is a very individual process and it is difficult to say how long it will take, some people attend a few sessions, others more.

If you make a referral into our service we will contact you to arrange for you to come to our centre for a pre-counselling assessment meeting with one of our Counsellors.  We aim to contact you for this first appointment within eight weeks of receiving your completed Registration Form.

The pre-counselling assessment meeting is a chance for you and the Counsellor to discuss together whether we are the best service to support you, what support we can offer and what you hope to gain from counselling. It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to discuss any concerns you might have. If you and the Counsellor agree that counselling may be helpful for you, the number of sessions offered will be agreed between you.

Counselling with SRASAC may be suitable for you if you are looking to explore past experiences and would like to move forward positively in your life. If you are currently living in an unsafe environment or experiencing ongoing trauma, for example domestic and/or sexual violence, we may be unable to offer counselling at this time. 

Due to the very high demand for our services, there will be a wait between your pre-counselling assessment meeting and starting your counselling sessions, which could take several months. The more flexible you are with your availability for regular counselling appointments (the same day and same time each week), the quicker you will be able to start your counselling. 


How does it work?

It is important that you are able to attend regular weekly sessions, usually the same day and same time each week, once your counselling starts. Counselling sessions are normally offered on weekdays, during office hours.  We have some availability for later appointments on Tuesday evenings.  We do not offer counselling sessions at the weekends.

Please note if you are planning to be away from Sheffield for a period of time in next few months, for example if you are a student returning home for the summer, please wait until you are back in Sheffield and/or are available to attend appointments before referring into the service.

All Counsellors at SRASAC are fully qualified and have the knowledge and understanding of the many effects of sexual violence, so you can expect that the person you talk to will be familiar with the sort of difficulties that you are having.

“I feel like I have made a lot of progress. I think I can have the courage to prioritise my feelings over the expectations of others, and respect and look after myself. I feel so much better about everything.”
— Former Counselling Client

If you would like counselling

If you would like to receive counselling from us, you can either call our helpline (0808 802 0013) to arrange this or fill in the secure online referral form, by clicking the purple Counselling Request Form button below.  This initial form asks for some basic information including how best to contact you.  

After we have received your Counselling Request form, we will send you a more detailed Counselling Registration Form for you to fill in and return to us.  When we get a completed registration form back from you, your name will be placed on our waiting list for a pre-counselling assessment meeting. We may need to contact you before we arrange this meeting to ask you some additional questions to help us understand if we are the right service for you at this time.

We understand that reaching out can be hard. If you would like to make a referral into our counselling service, please click on the purple counselling request button below.