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SRASAC Singing Group

SRASAC is launching a new Singing Group for anyone who is currently accessing or has recently accesses our counselling service

The singing group will be led by Gill Greenwood who is a member of the Natural Voice Movement who are a group of people who work with voice and song and who believe that singing is everyone's birth right, regardless of musical experience or ability.

"singing creates a sense of well-being and brings communities together"

The aims for the singing sessions:

  • Be fun and enjoyable - no previous singing experience necessary

  • Singing to experience joy and connection with others

  • Accommodate mixed levels of experience - there is no pressure to 'get it right'

  • Avoid technical language and musical jargon

  • Teach traditionally - by ear

  • Use physical and vocal fun warm ups to help voice health and confidence

When and where

The groups will run on Monday evenings at SRASAC starting on:

Monday 1st October from 5.30pm to 6.30pm

There will be no performances; just the sheer joy of singing together.  Please see quotes below from previous singing groups run by the Natural Voice Network:

Thank you for everything. I have truly enjoyed singing again”

Thanks for helping me to gain the confidence to sing - the most energising start to the week ever!

Thanks for all your encouragement. Singing for the first time in my life (at 61) and enjoying it so much.

I came out buzzing - I’ve loved it!