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SRASAC offers a number of different group opportunities for all. 

The groups are open to anyone aged 18 years and above who has had an initial face to face assessment with our service or who have accessed the service in the past.

All of our groups provide a safe space where clients can build their confidence by supporting each other and getting help from the SRASAC team. The groups aim to encourage and empower group members to participate in any way that feels comfortable, to share as much or as little as you wish and also to contribute to what topics and activities you would like to see included in the groups. 

The groups are facilitated by two members of SRASAC’s counselling team and can be accessed at different points of your contact with the service.

If you are interested in finding out more about any of our groups please contact Lesley on 0114 241 2766 or email

Here is a list of groups that we are running in 2019:

Single Sex Drop-in Sessions:

These stand-alone group sessions offer a safe space for individual’s to build confidence in a small group, by supporting and connecting with other people, supported by counsellors.  Themes/topics include ‘Self Care’, ‘Safe Anger Release’, ‘Being Assertive’ and ‘Support for family and friends’. 

Womens’ Wellbeing Group:

This is an eight-week (pre-counselling) group for female survivors, focused on understanding trauma responses in a group environment. To understand that our individual responses are instincts that ‘help us’, even though they may feel unpredictable, upsetting or even frightening.  To develop a ‘survival kit’ of resources, both inner and outer, emotional and practical, empowering individual’s to discover strategies to begin to overcome their difficulties.

The aim of this Wellbeing group is to support women through the first stage of trauma recovery, and to facilitate their capacity to engage in the next stage of recovery in one to one counselling work at a pace suited to the individual.

Womens’ Post Therapy Group:

This is an eight week group for women who have completed their counselling and wish for the opportunity to connect with other women.  A chance to reduce any sense of isolation, normalise the impacts of sexual violence and learn more about what the challenges and triumphs of being in a group are for you.

Men’s Post Therapy Group:

As above, this is an eight week group for male survivors who would benefit from an opportunity to connect with other men in a supportive environment around common themes set by the group. Reducing any sense of isolation, normalising the impacts of sexual violence.

Parents and Supporters of Child Survivors:

This group offers valuable support and information for the parents and supporters of child victims of sexual violence or abuse. It allows group members an opportunity to identify and talk about their feelings and concerns in a shared safe space.  It gives a chance to build confidence in supporting each other, sharing the impact this experience has had on group members and their families, helping to reduce the sense of isolation and despair parents and supporters often feel.  

Service User Feedback Groups

One off feedback sessions for clients who are exiting the service, allowing a valuable opportunity to give SRASAC feedback on the services we offer and a chance to tell us what other services you might benefit from. In addition, these sessions provide a forum for our clients to experience the challenges and surprises of ‘being in a group’, supported by experienced SRASAC staff. 

Singing Group:

This fun, enjoyable group is for anyone accessing our service and allows us to come together for the pure joy and connection of singing. There is no pressure to ‘get it right’ and all levels of experience are welcome. The group is led by a member of the Natural Voice Movement a group of people who work with voice and song and who believe that singing is everyone's birth right, regardless of musical experience or ability.

The singing group runs on Monday evenings at SRASAC for eight sessions each term from 5.30pm – 6.30pm.

Many of our clients say that they find the thought of coming into a group to be very challenging, but most say the benefits of a group far outweigh their initial fear! 

All of our groups offer a space in which you are invited to be yourself, in the company of others, where you can participate in any way that feels comfortable for you.  You will not be asked to say or do anything that is not okay for you and we love it when people put themselves in charge of themselves!

For more detailed information about our groups, including dates and times, please contact Lesley on 0114 241 2766 or by email , or ask your Counsellor when the next group is starting and be warmly invited to ask for more information if you would like it.